How do I buy one of your homes?

We will provide you with some Cardinal Homes® brochures that include floor plans for your consideration. Then, it’s just a matter of deciding which design you like best!

How long does it take to build a Cardinal Home?

Typically, it takes a 2 module home about 7 days to be built in the plant.

What are the differences between Modular and Manufactured Homes?

Manufactured houses are built to Housing and Urban Development (HUD) codes. This code entails very minimal standards for materials and structural requirements. Cardinal Homes are built to comply with local and state building codes…just like site-built homes, only in a more timely manner and quality controlled environment. Manufactured Houses are often referred to as “Mobile Homes”, “Trailers”, “Single-Wides” or “Double Wides”. They are built on NON-REMOVABLE steel frames. Cardinal homes however are built on a floor system which is set onto a permanent foundation. Manufactured Houses must be titled by DMV like a RV. Trailers are considered Personal Property once purchased. Cardinal Homes do not require a title for ownership and are valued as Real Property like any traditional on-site built home.

Can I use my own plan when buying a Cardinal Home?

Absolutely, we want 100% customer satisfaction. Today’s modular building systems technology allows us to design and build virtually any style of home. Our design team will make sure that the design can be adapted to the modular building system and be structurally compliant. Cardinal Homes, Inc. respects copyrights of others, so please make your builder aware of any copyrights when submitting floor plans.

Do you just build homes?

No, we also offer a variety of commercial buildings and multi-family dwellings. Office buildings, medical centers, townhouses, apartments, classrooms, churches and post offices are just a few examples of our diversity.

What are the advantages of buying a Cardinal Home?

Highly Engineered

Constructed in Climate Controlled Environment

Efficient Building Process and Material Usage

Energy Star Ready

Superior Quality Control Includes In-Plant Inspections In Addition to 3rd Party Inspections

Timeliness of Construction

Design Flexibility

Constructed to Meet or Exceed Local and State Building Codes

Use of Sheltered Materials

Reduced Waste

Remember: We Don’t Just Build Homes… We Build Relationships!